Transforming your company with a DEI strategy

Based on knowledge gained through the consultation process, we provide high-impact research-based solutions tailored for your organisation. You will receive a practical strategic plan that your leaders are aligned with, ensuring you have the confidence to communicate your strategy to your organisation.

A comprehensive strategy plan will guide your organisation to become a workplace that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity strategy

Unlock the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation, adaptability, and sustainable growth.
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Equity strategy

Build a level playing field, ensuring fairness, equal access, and opportunities for all, resulting in a more just and inclusive workplace.
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Inclusion strategy

Foster a culture of belonging, where every individual’s unique strengths and perspectives are valued and leveraged for collective success.
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What it looks like for your organisation:

  • Diverse candidate attraction and selection
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Effective policy design and implementation
  • Cultural change
  • Fair access to professional development and promotion opportunities
  • Mentoring and networking
  • Psychological safety and psychosocial risk reducation
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Quality decision making
  • Flexible and remote working
  • Closing the gender pay gap

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Implementing your DEI strategy

Intervention strategy

2 – 5 year targeted DEI Strategy will include success measures, an implementation plan, risk assessment, an independent review, and a data-driven rick assessment and improvement plan.

Leadership alignment

Leader engagement and coaching workshops, strategy review and feedback opportunities.

Change management

Employee engagement strategy, communications guide, training recommendations, and leadership routines to sustain change.

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Why us?

We are fixed price

We offer a structured, all-inclusive process including pre- and post-workshop support to define and develop your strategy.

Social enterprise

We are invested in making a difference. If something doesn’t work, we’ll work with you to understand why and adjust the strategy to create positive change.

We value your time

By embedding digital tools throughout our processes we are able to focus our interactions, bringing purpose and value to every meeting.

Behavioural science based

We work with peer-reviewed research and require quantitative and qualitative evidence to design and test solutions that will work for your organisation.

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