Leading organisations representative of society

DEI leadership services analyse an organisation’s current practices and systems to identify leadership development opportunities and interventions required to empower inclusive leaders who value diversity.

By assessing structures, capability and leadership routines, Sans Prejudice Solutions provides practical leadership strategies, team building and planning days to improve decision making and innovation by leveraging diversity of thought.

Diversity consulting

Empower your organisation to foster inclusive and equitable workplaces through expert guidance and tailored strategies.
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Equity consulting

Guide your organisations leaders in creating fair access, opportunities, and advancement for all individuals, promoting a more just and inclusive environment.
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Inclusion consulting

Drive your organisation to cultivate a sense of belonging and value among all team members, enhancing workplace culture and performance.
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Key focuses in DEI leadership consulting are:

  • Decision support and inclusive facilitation
  • Inclusive communication and employee engagement
  • Annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly routines
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Leadership development and growth
  • Conflict resolution and ESG crises management
  • Building inclusive teams
  • Company strategy and annual planning

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The DEI consultation process

Information gathering and analysis

Using a mix of online surveys, confidential listening sessions, and organisational data, we perform a current state analysis of your organisation, seeking to understand your organisation’s current challenges and opportunities.

Goal definition

We meet with you to reflect on your organisation’s current state, set a vision for the future, and form a scope agreement.

Recommendations and intervention development

We present you with a prioritised list of recommendations and intervention options for feedback; then we get to work on developing your intervention strategy and plan.

Strategy delivery

Comprised of leadership coaching and feedback sessions, plan refinements, project feedback and handover.

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Why us?

We are fixed price

We offer a structured, all-inclusive process including pre- and post-engagement support to define and develop your strategy.

We encourage bravery

We push boundaries, create scenarios where diverse perspectives can be heard, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can be confident in your decision quality.

We value your time

By embedding digital tools throughout our processes we are able to focus our interactions, bringing purpose and value to every meeting.

We prioritise achievability

We have experience implementing strategy and leading change in complex global organisations. We will guide you to practical solutions that make sense for your organisation.

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