Evidence-based DEI services

Guided by evidence-based research and industry expertise, your organisation can make a profound change. Our structured and transparent processes provide diversity, equity and inclusion solutions that drive businesses to become industry leaders, setting the benchmark for DEI in the workplace.

Research has proven that organisations that value diversity and have inclusive cultures are more profitable and innovative.

Understanding DEI

The modern workplace is undergoing significant changes, influenced by technological advancements, shifting corporate cultures, and the lasting impacts of a global pandemic. In this rapidly changing landscape, it’s important for companies to continuously innovate their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

Research indicates that organisations with equal employment opportunity policies and inclusive cultures drive productivity and innovation.

Why understanding DEI matters

Understanding the true meanings of diversity, equity, and inclusion is the foundation for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. By implementing policies and initiatives that reflect these values, organisations can build a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, respects diverse perspectives, and promotes innovation.

Educate your leaders to understand the impact a workplace of diversity, equity and inclusion will have for your organisation.

What does DEI really mean?

Despite the growing emphasis on DEI, confusion remains around the meanings of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These terms, while related, should not be used interchangeably or as a catch-all phrase because each represents a different side of organisational culture and requires different interventions.

Recognising their unique aspects allows organisations to implement targeted strategies that address specific challenges and opportunities, leading to more effective and impactful outcomes.

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Diversity includes everything from skin colour, age, gender and physical abilities, to background, beliefs, education, experience cognitive abilities and thinking patterns. With both physical and non-physical diversity teams can build empathy, improve engagement outcomes, reduce behavioural risk, increase team performance and lead to better financial results.

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Equity goes beyond diversity and is centered on creating a level playing field. It ensures fair access, opportunities, and advancement for all individuals, regardless of their differences. For instance, in the context of transportation, equity might involve accommodating various transportation needs, such as flexible working hours, to ensure everyone has equal access to the workplace.

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Inclusion complements diversity and equity efforts. Even in diverse and equitable environments, individuals may not always feel included. Inclusion is about fostering a sense of belonging and value among all team members. It requires empathy, considering factors like diverse experiences, structural and societal barriers, and assumptions that may affect inclusion from an employee’s perspective.

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