Why us?

We structure for impact

We target our courses to grow with you. Each course has a specific audience and problem statement to create clarity when it matters.


We create memorable, emotive and impactful experiences designed to trigger change. With comprehensive pre- and post- training surveys we help you to measure the impact of training.

We continuously improve

We seek evidence and encourage feedback at every step, so that our solutions are always up to date and reflect leading practice.

Behavioural science based

We work with peer-reviewed research and quantitative and qualitative evidence to design and training that recognises individual preferences, needs and values.


We are a female-founded Australian management consulting start-up specialising in diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and training. With a focus on psychological safety and inclusive design, our vision is to change the way people think, talk and act on diversity, equity and inclusion so we don’t need to exist in 50 years.

Our small and growing team brings together expertise in the resources and technology sectors with education and high-performance sport leadership to bring truly diverse perspectives to problem solve for our clients.

As part of our commitment to inclusion we have intentionally designed our company to be equitable and inclusive from the outset. This means we get to work with great people with unique experiences and perspectives and our clients get access to innovative, quality and impactful results.

Sans Prejudice Solutions x i=Change

We commit 10% of our annual profits to advancing inclusion, equity and diversity outcomes in Australia.

Our process steps

1. Booking confirmation

We ask you to complete a short survey to understand more about your team/organisation. We provide you with a pre-course logistics checklist and a list of recommended venues to suit all budgets.

2. Participant survey

We ask participants to complete an anonymous survey so we can understand their current thoughts and behaviours.

3. Course delivery

We facilitate your semi-tailored course, leaving participants with key tools, takeaways and actions to implement.

4. Reflection and feedback

We encourage participant reflection to consolidate learning and request your feedback via survey so we can continue to grow.

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Amount women’s earnings fall in the first 5 years of parenthood. Men’s stays the same.

2023 Status of Women Report Card

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Number of Australian fathers who take primary parental leave.

Gender Indicators 2017 ‘Work and Family Balance’

Australian Bureau of Statistics


Employment rate of people living with autism, compared with >75% of people without a disability.

2015 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers

Australian Bureau of Statistics

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