Welcome to Sans Prejudice Solutions.

In these terms, we also refer to Sans Prejudice Solutions as “Consultant”,our”, “we”, or “us”.

And you are the “Client” or “you”!

What are these terms about?

These terms apply when you use this website, being natashab26.sg-host.com and any other websites we operate with the same domain name and a different extension (“Website”).

These terms also apply when you purchase Solutions through this Website (“Solutions”).

If you’re looking for our Privacy Policy, which we will comply with and you also agree to be bound by, you can find it here [Insert Link].

How do I read these terms?

We separated these terms into three parts, so they are easy to read and understand.

Those parts are:

  • Part A: Terms for when you buy Solutions (applies when you buy)
  • Part B: Terms for when you browse and interact with this Website (applies when you browse)
  • Part C: Liability and warranties, and interpretation provisions (applies to both buying and browsing)

Please let us know if you have any questions about these terms, and don’t continue using this Website or purchase any Solutions unless you have read and agree to these terms.

I’ve returned to your Website, do I need to read these terms again?

Once you have made a “Booking”, the terms accepted at the point of sale will apply to your purchase of those Solutions. However, please note that we may change any part of these terms at any time by updating this page of the Website, so you may find that different terms apply next time you use this Website or purchase Solutions. You can check the date at the top of this page to see when we last updated these terms.