Strategic consulting solutions without the burden of lengthy and resource intense consulting processes.

An innovative approach to strategy that pushes leaders out of their comfort zone and challenges traditional consulting methods. We combine our strategic consulting expertise with world leading behavioural and decision science principles to tailor a facilitated strategy session that addresses your organisation’s biggest problems.

*Workshops are capped at 8 participants following behavioural science best practice.


  • Current state analysis to strategy in under 4 weeks
  • Implementable actions your leaders are aligned with
  • Confidence communicating your strategy with your organisation
  • Inclusive, evidence driven process your leaders can replicate
What's included
How we work
Who's it for

Participant survey, participant communications and pre-work, pre-briefings.


Strategy definition, strategy communications coaching, reflection session.


Full strategy write up presentation in Client’s branded templates delivered in 5 business days.

Strategy topics we cover: Diversity, equity and inclusion | Business resilience | Workforce of the future | Employee engagement | Cultural change | Corporate social responsibility | Digital transformation | Automation
Behavioural science based

We push boundaries, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can be confident in your decision quality.

Achievable outcomes

Our experts guide you to practical solutions that make sense for your organisation.


Our processes are supported by digital tools so that we can keep our costs down and use your time meaningfully to reach a great result.

We keep it simple – by focusing on impact we present clear solutions without noise, jargon and fluff. We aim to make a difference, we’ll leave the essay-style presentations to others.
Pragmatic organisations

Groups that are pragmatic, who can make decisions without excessive red-tape.

Clear problem statement

Teams that are confident in their understanding of the problem and are seeking structure and independent facilitation to guide their decision making processes.

Business resilience issues

Teams experiencing crises or escalating business resilience issues who need to make strategic decisions fast.

Consulting Engagement Guide

Your step-by-step guide on what to expect, when and how to get the best strategy for your organisation.

We know that consulting projects can sometimes feel like smoke and mirrors, with timelines that drag and costs don’t seem to match up with the benefits. On booking, you will receive our comprehensive consulting engagement guide which includes a detailed project timeline, checklists on what we need from you and when, key meeting dates to lock in team member availability, decision points and communications support. This is part of our commitment to transparency and what enables us to be efficient and interact with purpose.

Our process steps

Information gathering (Online)

  • Participant current state and vision survey
  • Survey results analysis

Goal definition (30-min virtual meeting)

  • Purpose, scope and goal setting

Workshop options (Online)

  • Workshop options development and client sign-off

Pre-briefing (30-min virtual meeting)

  • Final check-in and leader / sponsor briefing

Workshop (In-person, virtual, or hybrid)

  • Facilitated strategy workshop

Strategy (Online)

  • Strategy pack delivery
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Why us?

We are fixed price

We offer a structured, all-inclusive process including pre and post workshop support to define and develop your strategy.

We encourage bravery

We push boundaries, create scenarios where diverse perspectives can be heard, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can be confident in your decision quality.

We value your time

By embedding digital tools throughout our processes we are able to focus our interactions, bringing purpose and value to every meeting.

We prioritise achievability

We have experience implementing strategy and leading change in complex global organisations. We will guide you to practical solutions that make sense for your organisation.

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Frequently asked questions


What happens after we book?

Within 5 business days of booking you will receive our Consulting Engagement Guide with a checklist on what we need from you and when and a link to a workshop scoping form to be completed as soon as possible so we can get started on planning your strategy day. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

Does digital mean everything done is virtually?

While we will deliver your strategy virtually, we highly recommend the strategy workshop itself is held in person.

Who will we be working with?

You will be allocated an experienced Strategy Consultant to lead your project. As part of our people development process at times your project lead may be supported by their mentor, our Quality Assurance Lead or new joiner who is shadowing to learn our processes.

Where are you based?

We are an Australian based company who has embraced a flexible remote working model. Once a week you’ll find us together in our respective cities collaborating and learning outdoors, at a co-working space or on an adventure.

We think we’ll need ongoing support. Do you also do strategy implementation?

We believe the best people to implement strategy are your people and will design your strategies with this in mind. We do however recognise that many organisations have capability gaps and do offer optional 1:1 implementation coaching for your project leads.

Our strategy projects usually take months, how do you deliver a quality outcome in such a short time?

We use behavioural science principles to design workshops that minimise bias, allow for creative thinking and are structured to enable quality decision making. We believe in the Pareto Principle or the 80-20 Rule in that 80% of the benefit can be achieved with 20% of the work. If you want you can spend 80% more time chasing the perfect strategy, or we’ll get you straight to implementation and you can start learning and improving.

When don’t you recommend this offering?

If you don’t have a good understanding of the problem(s) our strategy workshops are likely to be less effective.

What's included in the strategy write up?

Vision statement, objectives, success measures, options analysis, initiative prioritisation, resourcing, multi-horizon implementation plan, risk assessment and next steps. In situations where not all topics were covered in your strategy workshop we will provide recommended options.