Singular experiences to unite your leadership team and energise your thinking to uncover winning strategies and successful plans.

Combining our market leading strategy workshop offering with bespoke experiences away from your place of work. Based on behavioural science principles, we offer space to reflect and opportunities to step out of your comfort zone to unlock unbiased thinking.


  • Shift mindsets and engage in System 2 thinking to drive better decision making
  • Collectively re-set and re-energise to tackle big challenges
  • Build trust to find the balance between constructive conflict and collaboration
What's included
How we work
Who's it for

Participant survey, choice of customised activities, logistics, participant communications and pre-work, leader briefing.


Fully facilitated time for your team to connect, learn, think and reflect.


5 page retreat summary and key messages and strategy write up delivered in 10 business days.

On Country cultural immersion | Volunteering | Overnight hikes | Guided yoga and meditation | Paddock to plate sustainable food journeys | Off-the-grid glamping and survival
Behavioural science driven

We blend strategy consulting with decision science so that you can make a difference.


We create opportunities for your people to connect and grow together through unique and memorable activities that align with your values.


Our processes are supported by digital tools so that we can keep our costs down and use your time meaningfully to reach a great result.

Celebrate and reset

That are celebrating rapid growth are ready to stabilise and reset before embarking on the next stage of their maturity journey.

Crises recovery

Who have experienced crises or significant business resilience issues who are looking to re-connect, explore the why and plan for the future.

Organisational change

That are leading significant cultural or organisational change who need to realign and re-energise to improve engagement.

System 2 decision making

How to slow down to make better decisions

Based on Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s bestselling book Thinking, Fast and Slow we explore practical actions your teams can put in place to shift from System 1 (fast, instinctive, emotional) to System 2 (slow, deliberate, logical) thinking.

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Our process steps

Information gathering (Online)

  • Participant current state and vision survey
  • Survey results analysis

Goal definition (60-min virtual or in person meeting)

  • Purpose, scope and goal setting
  • Client review of venue and experience options

Agenda options (Online)

  • Agenda and logistics client sign-off

Pre-briefings (30-min virtual meeting)

  • Final check-in and leader / sponsor briefing

Leadership retreat (In person)

  • Facilitated retreat

Feedback and handover (Online)

  • Feedback and wrap up
  • Strategy and retreat write-up and handover
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Why us?

We are fixed price

We offer a structured, all-inclusive process including pre- and post-workshop support to define and develop your strategy.

We encourage bravery

We push boundaries, create scenarios where diverse perspectives can be heard, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can be confident in your decision quality.

We value your time

We embed digital tools throughout our processes to focus our interactions, bringing purpose and value to every meeting.

We prioritise achievability

We have experience implementing strategy and leading change in complex global organisations. We will guide you to practical solutions that make sense for your organisation.

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Frequently asked questions


What happens after we book?

Within 5 business days of booking you will receive our Leadership Retreat Guide with what we need from you and when and a link to the participant survey be completed as soon as possible so we can get started on planning your day. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

Who will we be working with?

You will be allocated an experienced Facilitator to lead your project. As part of our people development process at times your project lead may be supported by their mentor, our Quality Assurance Lead or new joiner who is shadowing to learn our processes.

Where are you based?

We are an Australian based company who has embraced a flexible remote working model. Once a week you’ll find us together in our respective cities collaborating and learning outdoors, at a co-working space or on an adventure. We can run retreats from all major Australian cities.

Where will the retreat be held?

As part of the booking process you will be asked to provide your total budget for your retreat. During the agenda development process we will provide you with venue, catering and activity ideas that are designed to meet your budget and address your team goals and priorities.