Why us?


We work with you to create memorable and impactful experiences that will make a difference. With comprehensive pre- and post- event support we help you to define and achieve your goals.

We encourage bravery

We push boundaries, create scenarios where diverse perspectives can be heard, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can grow and be confident in your decisions.

Behavioural science based

We work with peer-reviewed research and require quantitative and qualitative evidence to design and test solutions that will work for your organisation.


We use digital tools to connect, collaborate and measure our impact. We will work with you to make sure that there is clear data and analysis to see and sustain change.


We are a female-founded Australian management consulting start-up specialising in diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and training. With a focus on psychological safety and inclusive design, our vision is to change the way people think, talk and act on diversity, equity and inclusion so we don’t need to exist in 50 years.

Our small and growing team brings together expertise in the resources and technology sectors with education and high-performance sport leadership to bring truly diverse perspectives to problem solve for our clients.

As part of our commitment to inclusion we have intentionally designed our company to be equitable and inclusive from the outset. This means we get to work with great people with unique experiences and perspectives and our clients get access to innovative, quality and impactful results.


Sans Prejudice Solutions x i=Change

We commit 10% of our annual profits to advancing inclusion, equity and diversity outcomes in Australia.

Our process steps

1. Information gathering

Using online tools and surveys we seek to understand your purpose, people, scope and budget.

2. Goal definition

We meet with you virtually to refine your scope and lock in your event goals.

3. Options

We present you with a minimum of 3 options and then get to work on the detailed plan and logistics.

4. Event

Customised, facilitated and memorable. Your time together is an investment and we strive to make lasting impact.

5. Write-up

Whether it’s your 10 year business strategy or key takeaways from a team building day, we commit to delivering your event outputs in 5 business days.

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