Who can benefit from an inclusion consultant?

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from developing and implementing inclusive practices and policies within their workforce. From the CEO to entry level worker, inclusive practices will benefit all employees.

Industries we work with:

  • Large corporations including those in the mining, energy, agriculture, construction, transport, logistics, aviation and rail industries.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Government agencies including emergency services, healthcare and utilities.
  • Community groups and nonprofit organisations.
  • Startups

Inclusion is a fundamental principle that applies across industries and sectors. It’s about creating psychologically safe environments where everyone feels respected, valued, and able to contribute their best, regardless of their background or identity.

What does a inclusion consultant do?

An inclusion consultant specialises in helping organisations build inclusive leadership capability and design work to be inclusive of all people. We assess current practices and structures, develop strategies, provide training, and design inclusive policies to ensure that all employees feel valued and empowered to succeed, regardless of their background or identity.

Key focuses of inclusion consulting:

  • Cultural assessment to identify areas for improvement.
  • Customised inclusion strategy development.
  • Inclusive leadership awareness training and coaching.
  • Building understanding of the relationship between inclusion and psychological safety.
  • Developing inclusive leadership toolkits including digital tools, processes and frameworks.
  • Psychosocial hazard assessments and leadership pulse checks.
  • Flexible and remote working policy development.
  • Inclusive employee reward and recognition frameworks.
  • Inclusive design reviews of environment, society and governance (ESG) policies and strategies.
  • Community engagement for inclusivity initiatives.

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Why partner with us?

Social enterprise

We are invested in making a difference. If something doesn’t work, we’ll work with you to understand why and adjust the strategy to create positive change.

Behavioural science based

We work with peer-reviewed research and require quantitative and qualitative evidence to design and test solutions that will work for your organisation.

Practical and prioritised

We understand the complexity and competing demands of leadership. We design our solutions to be practical and complement existing processes.


We use digital tools to connect, collaborate and measure our impact. We will work with you to make sure that there is clear data and analysis to see and sustain change.

Shaping the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting with a vision for change

We’re an female-founded Australian management consulting startup specialising in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy and training. Our goal is to reshape societal perspectives on diversity and inclusion so that our services won’t be needed in 50 years.

Our small but growing team merges expertise from the resources and technology sectors with education and high-performance sport leadership, offering diverse perspectives to solve our clients’ challenges.

We’ve deliberately designed our company to be fair and inclusive from the start, enabling us to collaborate with exceptional individuals and deliver innovative, high-quality results to our clients.

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Sans Prejudice Solutions x i=Change

We commit 10% of our annual profits to advancing inclusion, equity and diversity outcomes in Australia.

Our consulting process

1. Information gathering

Using a mix of online surveys, confidential listening sessions and organisational data, we seek to understand your current challenges and opportunities.

2. Visioning and objectives

We meet with you to reflect on your current state and set a vision for the future.

3. Strategy recommendations and development

We present you with a prioritised list of options and recommendations for feedback then get to work on developing your strategy and plan.

4. Strategy delivery

We facilitate engagement sessions with your leaders and strategy team to seek feedback and buy-in, then refine and handover the final strategy and plan.

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# of years needed for women to make up at least 40% of all CEO positions on the ASX200.

2023 Chief Executive Women (CEW)

Senior Executive Census


Australia’s ranking in international gender equality (despite having the 4th highest level of tertiary educated women in the OECD).

2023 Status of Women Report Card

Australian Government


First Nations employment rate, compared with 75% for non-First Nations Australians.

Closing the Gap Report 2020

Australian Government

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