What is equity training?

Equity training is a specialised form of professional development aimed at building understanding around fairness and opportunity within organisations.

Our training provides evidence-led modules that educate employees and leaders on how to engineer or design workplaces that work for all people. We do this using equitable design principles that consider people from varying cognitive, sensory, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Training won’t fix your problems, but it can help you better understand them.

Training has often been considered a solution for cultural and behavioural shifts, but the evidence suggests it often falls short.

Our training solutions are crafted to ignite “ah-ha” moments, fostering the mindset changes that enable individuals to perceive the world from a fresh perspective.

While they may not provide a complete solution, they offer practical tools and new mindsets that can expedite your journey towards meaningful change.

Key components of equity training

  • Explore the difference between equity and equality and why it matters​.
  • Reflect on the stories told in your organisation that inhibit access to opportinities.
  • Energise new or existing change strategies with compelling narratives to to lead authenticity.
  • Receive a simple and practical methodologies to gather evidence about equity in your team or organisation.
  • Promotes the importance of of formal and informal networks to develop, seek support and grow career.

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Why train with us?

We structure for impact

We target our courses to grow with you. Each course has a specific audience and problem statement to create clarity when it matters.


We create memorable, emotive and impactful experiences designed to trigger change. With comprehensive pre- and post- training surveys we help you to measure the impact of training

We continuously improve

We seek evidence and encourage feedback at every step, so that our solutions are always up to date and reflect leading practice.

Behavioural science based

We work with peer-reviewed research and quantitative and qualitative evidence to design and training that recognises individual preferences, needs and values.

Equity training that creates opportunities

We are a female-founded Australian management consulting start-up specialising in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy and training. With a focus on fostering psychological safety and implementing equitable design, our vision is to reshape societal attitudes and actions toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, so we don’t need to exist in 50 years.

Our dedicated and expanding team combines expertise from various sectors, including resources, technology, education, and high-performance sports leadership, to provide a comprehensive range of diverse perspectives for effective problem-solving on behalf of our clients.

In alignment with our unwavering commitment to equity, we have deliberately structured our company to be inclusive and equitable from its inception. This deliberate approach enables us to collaborate with exceptional individuals who bring unique experiences and perspectives to our work, offering our clients access to innovative, high-quality, and impactful solutions.

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Sans Prejudice Solutions x i=Change

We commit 10% of our annual profits to advancing inclusion, equity and diversity outcomes in Australia.

Our training process

1. Booking confirmation

We ask you to complete a short survey to understand more about your team/organisation. We provide you with a pre-course logistics checklist and a list of recommended venues to suit all budgets.

2. Participant survey

We ask participants to complete an anonymous survey so we can understand their current thoughts and behaviours.

3. Course delivery

We facilitate your semi-tailored course, leaving participants with key tools, takeaways and actions to implement.

4. Reflection and feedback

We encourage participant reflection to consolidate learning and request your feedback via survey so we can continue to grow.

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# of years needed for women to make up at least 40% of all CEO positions on the ASX200.

2023 Chief Executive Women (CEW)

Senior Executive Census


Australia’s ranking in international gender equality (despite having the 4th highest level of tertiary educated women in the OECD).

2023 Status of Women Report Card

Australian Government


First Nations employment rate, compared with 75% for non-First Nations Australians.

Closing the Gap Report 2020

Australian Government

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