Practical options and prioritised recommendations that your people believe in and have the confidence to implement.

High impact, research based and relevant for your organisation. Our strategy team have worked with leaders of start-ups to top global employers, challenging assumptions and making the future of work a reality today. We believe there is no point having a strategy you don’t have the capability to implement, and the most powerful shifts come when everyone rallies around a common goal.


  • Practical strategy your leaders are aligned with
  • Confidence communicating your strategy to your organisation
  • A data driven improvement plan with clear checkpoints to refine and adjust your strategy


What's included
How we work
Who's it for

2-5 year Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy with success measures, implementation plan, risk assessment and improvement plan.

Leadership alignment

3x leader engagement and coaching workshops, strategy review and feedback opportunities.

Change management

Employee engagement strategy, communications guide, training recommendations and leadership routines to sustain change.

Candidate attraction and selection | Engagement and retention | Policy design and implementation | Cultural change | Development and promotion | Mentoring and networking | Psychological safety | Quality decision making | Closing the gender pay gap
Fixed price

Know your costs up front with fixed fees based on organisation size and cultural diversity with optional add-ons you can customise based on your organisation’s needs.


Structured process with clear activities and outputs so you know what you are getting and when to expect it.


Our processes are supported by digital tools so that we can keep our costs down and use your time meaningfully to reach a great result.

We keep it simple – by focusing on impact we present clear solutions without noise, jargon and fluff. We aim to make a difference, we’ll leave the essay-style presentations to others.

Looking for practical, prioritised solutions with clear data and metrics to measure improvement.


Frustrated by slow progress who are ready to make bold moves to accelerate their diversity, equity and inclusion journey.


Seeking an expert strategic partner who is transparent, impact focused and values aligned.

We encourage bravery – we push boundaries, create opportunities for diverse perspectives to be heard, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can be confident in your strategic decisions.

Consulting Engagement Guide

Your step-by-step guide on what to expect, when and how to get the best strategy for your organisation.

We know that consulting projects can sometimes feel like smoke and mirrors, with timelines that drag and costs don’t seem to match up with the benefits. On booking, you will receive our comprehensive consulting engagement guide which includes a detailed project timeline, checklists on what we need from you and when, key meeting dates to lock in team member availability, decision points and communications support. This is part of our commitment to transparency and what enables us to be efficient and interact with purpose.


Our process steps

Weeks 1-4: Information gathering and analysis

  • Current state data analysis
  • Targeted employee survey (optional)

Weeks 5-6: Goal definition

  • Current state feedback and reflection
  • Future state definition
  • Scope agreement

Weeks 7-10: Intervention development

  • Prioritised list of recommended interventions
  • Intervention validation
  • Development of strategy and plan

Weeks 11-12: Strategy delivery

  • Leadership coaching and feedback session
  • Strategy and plan refinements
  • Project feedback and handover
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Frequently asked questions


What happens after we book?

At booking you will be asked to nominate a target project start date. You will then receive our Consulting Engagement Guide and a confirmation of booking. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due no later than 21 days before the project start date to finalise your booking and begin work.

Does digital mean everything done is online?

While we can deliver your strategy online, we recommend the leadership workshops in weeks 5 and 11 are delivered in person.

Who will we be working with?

You will be allocated an experienced Strategy Consultant to lead your project. As part of our people development process at times your project lead may be supported by their mentor, our Quality Assurance Lead or new joiner who is shadowing to learn our processes.

Where are you based?

We are an Australian based company who has embraced a flexible remote working model. Once a week you’ll find us together in our respective cities collaborating and learning outdoors, at a co-working space or on an adventure.

We think we’ll need ongoing support. Do you also do strategy implementation?

We believe the best people to implement strategy are your people and will design your strategies with this in mind. We do however recognise that many organisations have capability gaps and do offer optional 1:1 implementation coaching for your project leads.

We’ve used consultants before and haven’t seen the return on investment. How are you different?

We get it. To see our difference check out our values here, we stand by them. If you don’t see a positive impact we want your feedback.

An inclusive and diverse workforce is our vision and we are committed to working with you making a difference.

We are a global organisation with >10,000 employees, is the price still the same?

Our large organisation pricing allows for employees to be located in two culturally distinct locations e.g. Australia and the Phillipines. Our fixed pricing reflects that as organisation grow more complex it becomes more difficult to implement complex strategies, so while you may have a large organisation our recommendations are likely to be more simple and targeted so you can realistically see change. Please get in contact with us for a quote where you have a larger geographic and/or cultural spread.