What counts as a diverse workplace?

In today’s world, a diverse workplace extends far beyond surface-level differences. It encompasses a rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and abilities. True workplace diversity includes individuals from various racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, different genders, sexual orientations, generations, and with varying abilities and disabilities. It’s a blend of talents, skills, and life experiences that enrich the work environment.

What does a diversity consultant do?

As diversity consultants, our role is to partner with organisations on their diversity and inclusion journeys. We assess their current diversity landscape, develop tailored strategies, and offer guidance as a foundation for creating inclusive and equitable workplaces.

Our work involves providing training, recommending policy changes, and addressing unconscious biases to cultivate environments where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

How can I improve workplace diversity?

Improving workplace diversity requires a commitment to change. It starts with leadership setting the tone and actively promoting diversity within your organisation.

  • Attracting diverse candidates: Take steps to attract more women to male dominated industries, increase First Nations participation and create workplaces that invite people of all abilities to succeed.
  • Candidate retention: Creating a psychologically safe and flexible work design that promotes commitment to long-term employment.
  • Diversity training: Provide practical tools on how to leverage the value and benefits of diversity of thought to make better decisions.
  • Data monitoring: Set metrics and targets for your organisation that have meaning for everyone.
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Diversity solutions with tangible results

Fixed price options

We offer a structured, transparent process supported by quantitative and qualitative data analytics to define and develop your strategy.

Push your boundaries

Push boundaries, create opportunities for diverse perspectives to be heard, identify bias and direct you to evidence so that you can be confident in your strategic decisions.

Your time is valued

By embedding digital tools throughout our processes we are able to focus our interactions, bringing purpose and value to every engagement.

Practical, tailored services

We are experienced in implementing strategy and leading change with complex global organisations. We know that there are competing priorities and finite resources. We will guide you to practical solutions that make sense for your organisation

Our engagement process

1. Information gathering

using a mix of online surveys, confidential listening sessions and organisational data you provide, we seek to understand your current state challenges and opportunities.

2. Visioning and objectives

we meet with you to reflect on your current state and set a vision for the future.

3. Strategy recommendations and development

we present you with a prioritised list of options and recommendations for feedback then get to work on developing your strategy and plan.

4. Strategy delivery

We facilitate engagement sessions with your core leadership teams and employee representatives to seek feedback and organisational buy-in to the strategy, then refine and handover the strategy and plan.

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Australia’s ranking in international gender equality (despite having the 4th highest level of tertiary educated women in the OECD)

2023 Status of Women Report Card, Australian Government


First nations employment rate, compared with 75% for non-First Nations Australians

Closing the Gap Report 2020, Australian Government

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